Unfortunately I was unable to attend most of the original 24 hours of PASS.  Setting time aside to watch the sessions after the fact proved to be extremely challenging, so this time I am making a distinct point of attending the sessions when they first occur.

Without further ado, here are the sessions I plan to attend tomorrow.

Gather SQL Server Performance Data with PowerShell: Since I first tried out powershell, I have been hooked.  It has a pretty steep learning curve, however, so figuring out how to script new things tends to take longer than I would like. As such, collecting as many scripts as possible to adapt to my environment is a fantastic method of smoothing out the learning curve.

Hardware 201: Selecting and Sizing Database Hardware for OLTP Performance: I could read blogs, white papers and more for days on hardware and not get bored, but information always sticks better for me when I am not just reading.  Having more information about current and upcoming hardware options can help me give better advice when planning new servers or upgrades.

Isolation vs Concurrency: What Are the Choices?: Isolation and concurrency is a big issue at my company and understanding the implications of each isolation level decision and when to suggest deviations from the standard practices would be extremely valuable for me.

Identifying Costly Queries: I don’t believe it is possible to know enough about how to find and fix poor performance.  The more tools available, the better and this session looks to be full of excellent tools.

How to Rock Your Presentations: I may not be presenting yet, but I have every intention of moving in that direction.  Having a good basis of knowledge about how to present is important as I accumulate knowledge that is worth presenting.

TempDB Configuration and Management: The session description on its own sums up why I want to attend better than anything I could write.