Day 1 of 24 hours of PASS is off to a fantastic start and I have already learned about a number of things that I did realize powershell could do, but really am not surprised by.

Much like day 1, day 2 looks to have a fantastic set of sessions that makes me wish I had time for them all.  Thus, I have to be judicious about what will be most applicable to me at this time.

Statistics: How to Prove Everything but the Truth: Without good statistics, it is unlikely that the query optimizer will pick a good execution plan.  Knowing about how statistics work will be invaluable in making sure that the query optimizer has up to date and useful information when it is doing its job.

Preparing for Your Next Job: I may have just started a new job recently and have no intention going anywhere anytime soon, but professional development is always useful.

Storage for the DBA: I want to make sure I can give good advice when configuring storage for the database servers that I am going to support and this seems like the right place to get that information.  Plus I have seen Denny Cherry (blog | @mrdenny) present once before and he was quite entertaining, so I expect a good show this time too.

T-SQL Brush-Up: The Best Things You Forgot You Knew: It is so easy to forget about tools that I don’t use often.  Refreshers are always useful and I may even encounter toolsI have never used before.

Relational Database Design for Utter Newbies: By getting involved in the design process for new databases, DBAs can make their job down the line much easier.  Knowing how to design databases well makes it much easier for me to be successful in such endeavors.

Top 10 Design Mistakes: Everyone makes mistakes more often than they want to.  Reminders of mistakes that I make when I should know better decreases the frequency at which I will make such mistakes.

Understanding SARGability: I just finished tackling an ugly problem where SARGability was broken but it wasn’t clear why.  Knowing more about how to write where and join clauses that allow the query optimizer to do its job well will reduce these problems in the future.