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For this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, hosted by Sebastian Meine, we are asked to talk about joins. Joins in T-SQL are really easy and efficient compared to most other languages.  My goal here is to take a simple example and show how such a join could be represented in SQL and several other languages to help […]

On occasion, I have encountered folders or files getting flagged with incorrect attributes.  Some of these are easy to address, such as read only.  The more problematic changes tend to be when something gets flagged as system. Fortunately, powershell offers a very concise and easy way to reset the attributes of a folder or file […]

Going through your databases to find and clean up users with no associated server logins can be a pain.  It is fairly easy to find scripts that will go out and find those users, and even some will drop those users automatically.  Unfortunately, sometimes it is not so simple to just drop a user from […]